GTA 5 Battle Royale Mode Transforms into Single Player battle Royale

GTA 5 Online Single Player Battle Royale 
GTA 5 Online has a whole new way to play that sure to appeal to PUBG and Fortnite fans ,thanks to modder Theaetik has created Complex Control which transforms the game into in a single player battle royale shooter .It's available now on PC and promises high replayability and variety .it feels as though there's always something new to experience every run .

Complex Control features 70 minutes characters with color matched weapons and vehicles .It tasks the player with controlling and surviving a deadly zone populated with AI parachuting from the Sky or diving right towards you .There are more than 50 unique abilities and players can choose from a pre made set of characters with their own weapons ,abilities and vehicles as they try to survive .you progress your own character until they die or until your trade them .

The mode promises a fast ,frantic experience .Move speed is boosted and you get in and out of vehicles more quickly .Theaetik says it is not just a GTA 5 copy of existing battle royale experience ;the combination of abilities and roquelite elements ,like procedural Gameplay ,permadeath and permanent progression.

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