Overwatch New Map Rialto is Now available in New Update

Overwatch New Update Added New Rialto Map 
Blizzard has released the latest update for Overwatch ,and it brings with it a substantial piece of New content .Blizzard has released the New Map .Rialto on PC ,Xbox One ad PS4.

The New Update comes just days after the launch of Competitive Play Season 10 in Overwatch .
Rialto comes as part of a broader update that also makes changes to a number of characters ,as detailed in the patch notes .it reworks Hanzo pretty significantly ,implementing the changes seen on the PTR .His weapon has seen on the PTR .His weapon has seen a tweak ,while he gains two abilities and loses his old Scatter Arrow one ,which was a contentious part of his kit .you can see some screen shots of New Rialto Map 

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