Rhythm puzzler Lumines Remastered is Coming to June this Year

Rhythm Puzzler Lumines Coming to June 
Lumines Remastered ,the spruced up refresh of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's wonderful rhythm Lumines ,is now scheduled to lauch on Nintendo Switch ,PS4,Xbox One and PC on 26 June .

Lumines Remastered ,which you can see in all its pulsating glory below ,is being handled by enhance Games -the Company that Mizuguchi himself formed a few years after parting ways with original Lumines developer Q Entertainment back in 2012 .

Lumines Remastered also includes a variety of different game modes ;there the original challenge mode ,Time Attack ,Mission and Puzzle Mode -which takes you with creating different images using your falling blocks -plus Versus mode ,which offers a more competitive puzzling twist ,either against another player or the CPU.

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