Fortnite New Update 4.4 Added New Weapon Thermal Scope Assault Rifle

Fortnite New Update Added New Thermal Scope Assault Rifle.
Epic Games Highly Popular Game Fortnite gets New Update 4.4 and This New Update Adds New Weapon in the form of the thermal scope assault Rifle .

According to his name , This weapon can detect enemies by their Heat signatures .It appears you will no longer be able to safely hide in the buses .. The weapons is for the Battle Royale Mode .

Also New with the Update is that some traps can be placed on ramps for both Battle Royale and save the World .Epic Did Not say which trap types are eligible .

In This new Update Epic also added New Character called The Cloaked Star .Stealthy and Mysterious a New Ninja joins the fight to Save the World and he gets Straight to the Point . Read Full patch Note -Click here 

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