The Elder Scrolls Blades Coming to iOS and Android Later This Year

The Elder Scrolls Blades Coming to Mobile 

The Elder Scrolls Blades will Features several Modes .The Abyss is a Roguelike in which Players fight for as long as they can .Arena Features one on one Battles against other players .The Town is a Hub for Story and quests . 

The Blades are the empire's Top agents forced into exile ,according to Howard The Town is Destroyed .A Building mode allows players to rebuild ,upgrading and decorating individual elements .In turn ,this unlocks new NPCs and quests .Players can also visit their friends towns . 

The Elder scrolls is Bethesda's successful .long running role Playing franchise .This announcement comes three years after the company launched Fallout Shelter . 

No Exact Release Date announced yet But Game is coming to Mobile in Later 2018 . When More information is coming we will update you . 

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