G and Sagat New DLC Character Street Fighter 5 
Two New DLC characters hit Street Fighter 5 Today G and Sagat . G , Nicknamed the Man of Mystery and self proclamied President of the World , is a New character who wants to unify the world as its leader .

G is Unique in that he can absorb power from the earth to increase his Presidentiality level up to three .The higher it is , the more powerful his special moves are .If he knocked down ,the Presidentially level goes down . G also has a move called Message to the people ,during which he delivers a speech meant to unite all citizens of earth .During the Speech ,G gains EX Gauge but is Vulnerable .His V skill called G Barrier ,absorbs projectiles and of it hits launches opponents into the air for a Juggle . G Barrier can be used in the air .

Sagat on the other hand needs no introduction .Video games most famous kickboxer returns with battle scare and eye patch intact .He still on at Ryu for rematch ,by the way ,although in Street Fighter 5 he's become a hermit in a secluded village and must overcome his inner demons .

Arrival of Sagat ,Street Fighter 5 gets a new stage called King's Court .This is a remaining of Sagat's Classic stage from Street Fighter 2 and has the iconic reclining statue.

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