PUBG On PC Gets New Huge Update -Update 21

PUBG PC Gets New Update | Whats New 

The PC version of PUBG has New Update that adds content and fixes a lots of the game bugs .Update 21 implements a New Mode ,Weapon ,vehicle ,weapon attachments , a rewards system for fulfilling certain criteria during matches and Multiplayer improvements .

Update 21 adds a New training mode that allows you to practice different mechanics without fear of being killed .Taking Place on a small island .The Training Mode contain 14 zones for trying out different skills .you will be able to practice jumping off ramps in vehicles ,maneuvering on twisting roads ,controlling vehicle speed ,piloting a boat ,driving off road ,shooting on different gun ranges ,landing in a parachute ,free running over rooftops ,swinging different gun ranges ,landing in a parachute ,free running over rooftops ,swinging different melee weapons ,trying different grenades  and learning the effects of consumables .
All three maps get the new assault rifle the MK47 Mutant .The Rifle takes 7.62 ammo and holds 20 rounds a clip . The Rifle can be fired in both single shot and two round burst modes and takes almost all types of assault rifle attachments other than stocks .

Sanhok gets a New exclusive vehicle :The three person Tukashai .It is slow but it handles off road better then the motorcycles .This New Update Adds Lots of New things and Lots of Big Fixes.There's also a New laser sight ,which fits into the grip slot on rifles .It offers greater accuracy at the cost of giving away your position .you will also be able to place markers on your compass ,which translates to your teammates compasses too. This helps you determine the direction of a threat more efficiency when your team is stationed at different points on the map .

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