PUBG Sanhok Map For Xbox One 

PUBG first arrived on Xbox One late last Year with its release on the Xbox One ,Now its officially launched on Xbox One with Big New Update 1.0  .This New Update adds New Map ,Weapon and Many More . It's Including Brand New Third Map Sanhok with New Weapon QBZ-95 .
Most additive addition is Sanhok Map this Map looks So beautiful and smaller as compared to other two maps .This Map is only covers 4*4 Map .

Sanhok are a handful of items .First is a pair of nee guns :the QBZ and the QBU, the latter of which can only be found on Sanhok .PUBG Corp.has also added a New map exclusive vehicle to Sanhok: the Rony ,a pickup truck that can hold up to four players .
With the Third map now available ,PUBG Corp .has introduced two new playlists : Battle Royale and Mini Royale .The Former will randomly drop players onto either Erangel or Miramar ,while the latter will only feature Snahok for the time being .you can Select both playlist to be randomly matched up on one of the three maps .

Update is already released on PUBG Official Website .

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