Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 New Skins are Now Live With New Event Update

Overwatch New Skins Live Now 
Overwatch has kicked off its regular annual Halloween Promotional Event , Halloween Terror . The Seasonal event will Operate through October 31 and brings with it a bunch of New spooky and kooky skins and other cosmetic items to unlock through loot boxes as well as some significant changes ,specifically to Torbjorn .

Blizzard has been teasing the event with some unveils of the New Skins , Including Pharah and Moira ,Doomfist ,Wrecking Ball and McCree ,among others .
The New Trailer reveals several more like Bride Sombra and Slasher 76.It's all Styled after Haunted House ,with the viewer's Perspective trying to escape the various monsters clutches .The 50 Loot Box bundle Includes a Bonus 10 boxes during the promotion for those of you hunting down skins .

The Halloween Terror event is available across PS4,Xbox One and PC .In addition to the creepy Halloween themed costumes ,it will explore the next chapter in the story of Dr. Junkenstein ,a Halloween version of Junkrat .

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