Samsung announces two new ISOCELL Camera sensors

Samsung announces two new Camera sensors 

Samsung announces two new ISOCELL sensors

Samsung Announced two high-resolution ISOCELL Plus Camera sensors. The two sensors are named Bright GM1 and Bright GD1-the first one boasts 48MP while the second one has a 32MP resolution.

Samsung Announces Two New ISOCELL Sensors.

Due to their small physical size and large pixel count coupled with ISOCELL technology, they would be the perfect fit today's dual, triple and quad camera setup.

The ISOCELL tech allows for better performance all around, especially for small-sized pixels and paired with the so-called Tetra cell technology, which combines four pixels into a single one to improve light sensitivity.

The sensors use the Gyro based electronic image stabilization and the GD1 supports real-time HDR when recording videos.
                                           Both sensors are expected to enter mass production this quarter so it would be except to see them on phones that come in early 2019.

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