Diablo Announced for Mobile

Diablo Announced For Mobile. 

Blizzard Announced Diablo game for Mobile , Diablo Immortal.which they are saying to be a full fledged action RPG .It's developed with the help of NetEase ,who is also responsible for successful Battle royale game Rules of survival .
                        The game will explore what happens in between the events of Diablo and Diablo II and is controlled with a set of virtual controls that looks a lot like Arena of Valor : A virtual Joystick on the left and set of buttons for abilities on the right .Multiple classes are playable including the Barbarian ,Wizard , Monk , Necromancer ,Demon Hunter ,Crusader and possibly more although that was all that was shown off .
If we get More information then we update you , in that time you have also check official website of Diablo immortal

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