Fortnite Patch 6.21 Adds Balloons

Fortnite Added Balloons .

Fortnite has its Fortnitemares event ends on 4 Nov and if you finish the challenges ,you can unlock the Dark Engine Glider . This Patch has some fixes for android devices running Vulkan and mostly gets everyone some balloons .If you are on macOS ,you can now use Xbox and PS4 controllers as well .We have now news about controllers support for iOS .
Fortnite Patch 6.21 Adds Balloons

Fortnite 6.21 Patch .

Balloons have been added with epic rarity .You can use the primary and secondary fire buttons to inflate or release balloons.These last for a short time at maximum build height as well so things might not end well if you keep floating .

The patch is currently delayed for iOS .This is the first time there has been delayed for iOS compared to other platforms .

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