Fortnite Season 7 Two New Pets 'Remus and Hamirez'

Fortnite Season 7 Hamirez and Remus

Fortnite Season 7 update is available now and is comes with new content . It's introduce two new pets : Hamirez and Remus .

Remus is a husky that is described as being "untamed and unafraid". He hangs out in a little basket ,constantly looking in different directions and occasionally getting on his hand legs to take a peek at what's happening in the distance .

New pets are just a small part of season 7 offers .The new battle pass includes over 100 cosmetic items that can be unlocked by doing challenges to score Battle stars ,which then level up your pass .

Another Major inclusion of season 7 is Creative .This is an extension of the Playground mode Epic game experimented with during Season 6 .


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