Best Game of The Year - PUBG Mobile (2018).

We are back again with New post and Now this time we select Most Trending game of 2018. As we know it's an end's of 2018, Now we clearly select out Best game of 2018 on Mobile. It's our choice according to our personal experience and performance of the game. We selected PUBG Mobile as a Most Trending and Best game of the year (2018). So let go deeply in this topic and find out why it's the Best game of 2018 in Mobile Platform. We have described it on 3 Parts (Graphics, Performance and Statics).  
Now lets some little talks about the game. 

PUBG Mobile is the hottest last Men standing battle Royale game in mobile. In this game 100 players fight each other in an island. Players must fight to locate weapons supplies in given maps. Right Now it has a 4 Maps (Vikendi, Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok). You can play as a Solo, Duo or Squad. Now let's talks about the performance of it. 

PUBG Mobile New Snow Map Gameplay on iPhone 7.

Performance of PUBG Mobile:- PUBG Mobile performance is based on your device powers. Example:- if your device hardware is powerful (Ram, GPU and Processor) then no need to worry about the performance of PUBG Mobile. It's Running smoothly on Powerful devices Like (NOTE 9, Galaxy S9, POCO F1,iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone XS etc). Now let's talks about Medium range devices, In Medium range device, it's running fine in Medium Graphics setting when you choose High Graphics setting in Mid Range phones than Frame drops occurs most of the time. It also consumes your phone battery and You phones become hot. It's playable in Mid Range phones but selects Medium graphics setting to play this. 

Graphics (PUBG Mobile):- Most of the games are popular because of Graphics Quality. When graphics of the game looks better than it gives satisfaction to the user. PUBG Mobile has the best graphics in shooter game category. It looks Console Quality graphics user can enjoy in smartphones. Tencent brings Ultra HDR graphic setting in future. 

PUBG Mobile Statics:-

Now the last point we have talked about statics of PUBG Mobile.
PUBG Mobile Players - 30$ Million daily active users and 200 million Registered players.

Numbers of Downloads - 240$ Million PUBG Mobile downloads in Android and iOS.

PUBG Mobile Players Spend - 158$ Million.

Revenue - PUBG Mobile took less than 200 days to surpass 100$ Million in Mobile Revenue 

Most PUBG Mobile Player from Particular country:- 33% of PUBG mobile players are coming from China.

Most Download in Specific Country - 225 Million from China.

Estimated Amount PUBG Earned from iOS and Android - $50 Million.

This statics is enough to describe that PUBG Mobile is Most Trending game of the year. App Store also gave the award of Trending App of the Year. Most of the Game lover select PUBG Mobile when you asking about Best game of the year or the most trending game of the year for iOS/Android. So let's end the topic, It's our personal choice to select PUBG mobile according to some parameters. If you don't like PUBG Mobile, No problem you can comment on your personal best game of 2018 in the comment box below.

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