PUBG New Winter Map 'Vikendi' Out Now on PC .

PUBG getting new map today ,It's a brand new snow map which 6*6 km long ,bigger than Sanhok but smaller than Erangel and Miramar . PUBG New Snow map is called ' Vikendi ' . The map first revealed on Game Awards on Thursday night . It's live on 19th Dec for PC . 

Vikendi also features new weapons and vehicles . The weapon roster now includes the G36C rifle that used for killing enemies over long distance . 

PUBG New Snow Map Vikendi Out Now 

The map adds a new snowmobile vehicle and player will leave traceable footprints in the snow .This means it will be easy to track your enemy , but you can also be easily led into a trap as well . 

This map is Available for PC in Test server and launch on Live 
server for PC on 19th Dec . In January it will be available for Xbox One and PS4  . PUBG exclusively launch for PS4 on 7th Dec .

You can see Snow Map Announcement Trailer below .

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