10 Best Nintendo Switch Games 
Today we have talking about 10 Nintendo Switch games you should play on it. Nintendo Switch is portable gaming device. Many popular games available on it, if you have Nintendo switch or planning to purchased it than you would try some of game that we will described below.

Nintendo had shipped over 32.27 million units of the Nintendo Switch and over 163.3 million games for the console, which indicate that there's an incredible demand for the product.

Best Nintendo Switch Games 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild :- 

The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best Nintendo's game that is available on Nintendo eShop. It's Open world action adventure game where they can choose to do whatever they please. Legend of the Zelda contain great story line.

2. Fortnite :-  Fortnite is Highly successful battle royale. Fortnite now available for Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy it on Nintendo Switch. Fortnite is available on all gaming platforms. You can try Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch. 

3.Super Smash Bros Ultimate :- Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the latest addition to the Mario series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has 74 players from Nintendo universe, including 11 brand new characters, in the standard game itself. This game has great graphics with amazing stages. It also has a new animations and single player story. 

4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe :-  Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is another game you must play on your Nintendo Switch. It's action packed Kart racing game with some new characters, new karts and unlocked DLC content. 

5. Super Mario Odyssey :- We don't left Super Mario Odyssey when we talks about best Nintendo Switch games. you should definitely try these, It's a Open world mario game which is set in a realistic world. It's a graphics intensive game that's available on Nintendo Switch. 

6. Dragon Ball FighterZ :- Dragon Ball FighterZ is another great game you should play on Nintendo Switch. It's a arcade style fighting game. Dragon Ball FighterZ worth of money game. you can create squad any three of your most famous characters from Dragon Ball universe and go to battle against powerful squad that also contains 3 characters. The game's principle is very simple to pick up, with no complicated special move commands. 

7. NBA 2K18 :- If you are sports lover and owner of  Nintendo Switch than you will definitely purchase NBA 2K18. It's a great game with amazing graphics and you will definitely like it. The game is a hardcore sports simulation and requires players to put in some time and efforts to get good at shooting hoops.

8. Rayman Legends :- Rayman Legends is best game and i personally liked it very much. It's ported to Nintendo Switch with some new features. The Colorful visuals and fast faced gameplay make Rayman Legends more addictive, you should play it on your Nintendo Switch device.

9. Wolfenstein II :- It's a based on Nazi army dominated World War II and has now set up a totalitarian regime in America. This is one of the best graphics game in the list of Switch games. This game is must have for all fans of the Wolfenstein franchise and playing it on Nintendo Switch is always a great experience.

10. INSIDE :- INSIDE is a puzzle platformer game that is available on Nintendo Switch. Limbo creator Makes a great game and if you loves the puzzle game than you should definitely try it. INSIDE is not your run of the mill horror game, instead it's a puzzle platformer in which you play as young boy lost in a dystopic world.

So we have selected our best games that you should play on Nintendo Switch. Now time to end the topic, we do our best to pick some nice games that's available on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is a very popular gaming device because of it's design and it's Joy Pad. It's most selling Nintendo device and it's take direct competitions on Consoles and mobile gaming.
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