Apex Legends The Havoc Energy Rifle 

Apex Legends New Update Adds Assault Rifle Called " The Havoc Energy Rifle". It's first update of Apex Legends that's introduced New weapon. Respawn fixes also some bug in this new update.you can see the trailer below.

 Respawn shows the how Havoc Energy rifle works. The gun handles in similar way to current weapons like the R-301 Carbine or the Devotion light machine gun. The Havoc is live in the game,you can try it now.

In This trailer you can see that the new Havoc can handle either the Turbocharger hop-up or the Select Fire hop-up and each has a different use on the gun . The Turbocharger speeds up the rate at which the gun hits the top speed in fully automatic mode. limitation of Turbocharger is the gun looks pretty effective at short and medium range but not on Long range shots. while The select Fire hop-up allows you to switch the Havoc to a single fire mode, which fires one charging shot. It can be useful for long range shots. It means it can be convert into sniper and assault rifle.

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