Call of  Duty Mobile Top 5 Alternatives 

  Hello Gamers, we are back again with a new topic and today we are sharing Top 5 Alternatives of Call of Duty Mobile. We already know No one close to Call of Duty mobile because it is a very anticipated game of 2019. We all know the game is not out yet worldwide but don't worry you can still experience Call of Duty Mobile alternatives on mobile. 

Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Alternatives.

Modern Combat Versus.

Now we have to write about the alternatives of Call of Duty Mobile. first, we have to include Modern Combat Versus. It' is a very amazing multiplayer game with amazing graphics. You can play it on both Android and iOS. Grab it Now from Google Play Store and App Store.


Tacticool is a third person military shooter by Panzerdog. Using fast-paced 5-v-5 combat with real-time physics AND friendly fire, there are tons of strategies to implement to implement over 50 weapons, five maps, and over 20 characters to play around with in this free to play the game. It's a very amazing game with good graphics. You can try it out on both Android and iOS

PUBG Mobile:- 

How we forget to include PUBG Mobile in this list. These game one of the top contender to compete with COD Mobile. PUBG Mobile has gained lots of popularity in worldwide regions. No other game gained these type of popularity. So you should definitely try PUBG Mobile. Grab it now from the App Store and Google Play Store.


Afterpluse is another great multiplayer game, You should play instead of COD Mobile. This game has insane graphics visuals, In terms of graphics, It sets high in the Mobile platform. This game has amazing graphics as good as PUBG Mobile and Upcoming COD Mobile. Grab it now from Google Play Store and App store

Modern Combat 5:- Modern Combat 5 is one of the best multiplayer game available on both Android and iOS. It has all of the multiplayer modes that will available on COD Mobile. It has Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and More. It is an old game now but you can still be playing it on your device. Grab it now from Google Play store and the App store.    

This all are the best alternatives of Call of Duty Mobile that you will be play instead of Call of Duty Mobile. No doubt COD Mobile is the best game when it available on Mobile But you can also try the above games. Call of Duty is now available for pre-register for android. You can download Call of Duty Mobile when it available
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