Battlefield 5 Firestrom Battle Royale Mode 

Battlefield 5 battle royale mode, Firestorm, has leaked online ahead of its release this spring. In this video battle royale mode shows that Firestorm will have Solo, Duo and Squads options. In this battle royale mode player dropping with a parachute. Players must then find weapons and other items on the map and use them to be the last player standing. There are three tiers of weapons: Common, Rare and Epic.

You can share your inventory with teammates in Duos and Squad mode. Another intresting thing in Battlefield 5 mode is when player knocked out you can still fire their sidearm, while teammates can revive them.

It was already confirmed that Firestorm is developed not by main Battlefield studio DICE but rather another EA owned studio, Criterion. Firestorm allows for up to 64 combinations.
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