Fortnite 8.10 is available to download 

Season 8 began with big new update that is 8.10 and it's available now to download on all devices. 
This update has one big matchmaking change. Now switch users and mobile users now in same matchmaking pool. Switch players were matched by default with other controller players on PS4 and Xbox One earlier. Switch and mobile players are in the same pool.

Epic Games expects better gameplay experiences for both mobile and Switch players with this. Note that this does not affect cross play which is still possible for all platforms. The Baller lets you roll and perform feats in an all new vehicle. 
Vending Machines that are single use are also now available. They will disappear after an item or weapon is retrieved. This patch also adds The Getaways LTM with Jewels. There are also lots of mobile specific bug fixes and with actions and buttons getting stuck, some controller fixes for triggers and more.

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