PUBG Mobile Autorickshaw, G36C New Weapon and Dynamic Weather 

PUBG Mobile Auto Rikshow, G36C New Weapon and Dynamic Weather
New Weapon G36C and Autorickshaw 
PUBG Mobile has rolled out the beta version of it's upcoming update (0.11.5) which brings to the game new weapons, vehicles and also adds dynamic weather for Erangel and Miramar Map. The update size is very it's around 1.7GB. 

The game also brings changes to the gameplay.The update also introduces a new weapon for the Vikendi Map. New weapon G36C rifle replace SCAR-L in the game(Only for Vikendi Map).

Also Download - PUBG Mobile Official Zombie Mode Update 0.11.0

The Latest Update has also fixes some areas in the Survive Till Dawn mode where zombies could not either. The update also adds more damage to the players when they are out of the safe zone during the night and some zombies will now enter a weakened state from time to time during the match. 

The Beta version of the game not available on Google Play Store. 

Download - PUBG Mobile Official version 

Download - PUBG Mobile Beta version 0.11.5
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