Samsung Galaxy M20 PUBG Mobile 

Today we has write about How Samsung Galaxy M20 handle PUBG Mobile with any of graphics setting and it will perform well with internal recording. 

PUBG Mobile Review on Samsung Galaxy M20 

Recently I have purchased Samsung Galaxy M20 (3 Ram+32 Storage) variant and instantly install PUBG Mobile on Galaxy M20. you can also see video that i have embed in above section. So let's talks about performance on Galaxy M20 with PUBG Mobile. Honestly speaking game perform well but only in low graphics means smooth graphics setting but you can not record internal audio sound with Galaxy M20 to share on youtube or other social media platforms. Because game will gain lots of frame drops when you record internal audio. PUBG Mobile is playable on Galaxy M20 in Smooth graphics setting, but not in higher graphics setting. 

Galaxy M20 has a good affordable device and you can purchase it if your goal to runs some small games, But if you are a heavy gamer than you will go for other can play PUBG as well but not in highest graphics settings or frame rates. you have to compromise with smooth graphics setting. 

So we have coming our final words. Galaxy M20 is good deal because price very low, so you can purchased it and also playing some games because it has good battery also.   
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