Nintendo Switch New Models

Nintendo has now updated the standard switch model. The new model features minor changes and the only difference is improved battery life.
Nintendo Releases New Improved Switch version with Better Battery Life

The new Nintendo Switch uses an updates SoC, likely the same one found on the lite version of Nintendo Switch. Codenamed Mariko, this is a variation of the Tegra X1 chipset used in the original Switch and new chipset is based on the 16nm process from the original 20nm. Reduced the nm means shrink in the fabrication process reduces the size and power consumption of the processor with no performance loss.

Nintendo has already listed the new models on its website without any official announcement. The new models have the model number HAC-001(-01), which differentiate it from the HAC-001 of the older models.

The new models will be available some time in mid-August. The prices remain identical to the previous model.

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