Apple Arcade Games you should Try on your iPhone 

Hello Guys, I am back with another amazing post about games and today I am talking about Top Best Apple Arcade Games you should play and enjoy yourself. Apple Arcade Launched on 19th Sept officially then you can play some of the popular games on your iPhone. 

Here, I am sad for Android users because there is no service like Apple Arcade on Android. Anyway, let's talk about Apple arcade's best games. Apple arcade is an apple gaming service that contains lots of games but in this post, I will guide you best Apple Arcade games you should definitely try on your Apple products.

Our first pick will definitely Oceanhorn 2  Knight of Realm.

1. Oceanhorn 2 Knight of Realm:- 
Best Apple Arcade Games Oceanhorn 2
Oceanhorn 2 Knight of Realm is one of the most awaited games of 2019. In my opinion, Oceahorn 2 would be the game of the year(2019) because it has all the quality to become the best game in mobile in 2019. Oceanhorn 2 is an open world action-adventure game with an amazing story. if I talk about graphics quality, it has seriously console-quality graphics in your iPhone, but Android users will hate this game because Oceanhorn 2 will not available for Android. You can not enjoy it on android smartphones. 

Oceanhorn 2 Knight of Realm Gameplay on iPhone XR below:-

2. Skate City:- 
Best Apple Arcade Games Skatecity
My second best pick is Skate City by Snowman. Skate City is also an interesting game. As a name explain it's skating game for iOS with gorgeous graphics and different weather styles. Skate City is exclusively available on Apple arcade and again android users will wait for it, but you can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.

3. Rayman Mini:- 
Rayman Mini Best Apple Arcade Games
Rayman Mini is another lovely game on the Apple arcade. Rayman Mini developed by Ubisoft and it's a gorgeous game with beautiful graphics.

Rayman Mini now playable for those running the iOS 13 beta. A new trailer dropped to celebrate the launch, though it must be said that general info on the games is still a little light. You can enjoy the trailer above. 

4. Frogger in Toy Town:-
Best Apple Arcade Games frogger in Toy Town

Frogger in Toy Town's new classic title that features a frog hopping its way across a busy road to reach the other side. 

Frogger in Toy Town is exclusively available on Apple Arcade and it's developed by Q Games, with publishing being handled by Konami. Frogger in Toy Town is another promising title of Apple Arcade, you can definitely try these on your Apple device. See the trailer below:-

5. Sonic Racing:- 
Best Apple Arcade Games Sonic Racing
Sonic Racing is another game on Apple Arcade developed by Sega. Sonic Racing is also a part of Apple arcade service. You can also try Sonic Racing on your Apple devices.

6. Creaks:- 
Creaks from Amanita Design recently added to the Apple arcade list, you can try it on your iOS devices. Creaks hand-painted graphic game by Amanita Design. Creaks is a Puzzle adventure game for iOS. 

7. Little Orpheus:- 
Little Orpheus is a technicolor side-scrolling adventure game. Little Orpheus is also available on Apple Arcade for iOS devices. It's a beautiful game with rich graphics on iOS devices.

Apple is very busy with Apple arcade, Now Next game they will be released for Apple Arcade users. Samurai Jack will be the next title for Apple Arcade users, it's an action-adventure game for Apple Arcade users, Android users not get this game. Samurai Jack will also come on PS4.

So guys, let's end the topic and I personally recommended you to these games you should definitely try on your apple device. There are many more games on the apple arcade but I choose these 8 games that are my personal best you will enjoy all of it. Hope you guys liked our post if you like then share it and follow us on Social Media.

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