Path of Giants Apk Download Android 

Path of Giants is a serene adventure through icy caverns and snow-covered cliffs as you help three explorers face the trials of the mountain in search of lost power.

Each level is carefully designed and hand-crafted to create chillingly beautiful scenes, evoking a sense of calm as you explore this long-forgotten area of the world. Each puzzle focuses on controlling three characters and is hinged around the fact that you need to use all three to solve them.
Path of Giants Apk Download
Path of Giants Apk Download
Path of Giant Apk Download Android 

  1. Play as three characters that help each other up and down platforms 
  2. Navigate using simple tap controls 
  3. Collect hidden relics 
  4. Solve more than 50 puzzles split into 13 levels 
  5. increasing difficulty as you progress through the game 
  6. Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese 
  7. Colorblind Feature - alternate character colors for better visibility.

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