Call of Duty Mobile Review on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Call of Duty Mobile is Launched now iOS Android with Bang. Call of Duty franchise is no need of Introduction because It's not a game, It's a Brand Name in Shooter category. Today I am reviewing the Best Shooter Multiplayer Game of the Year in Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile is amazing game with High-quality graphics and Lots of iconic PC Maps.

I have divided Call of Duty Review in 4 Parts:-

  1. Introduction 
  2. Optimization on Android iOS 
  3. Graphics
  4. Conclusion 
Call of Duty Mobile Review - Best Shooter Game of the Year
  1. The introduction is the most important part of any review. Call of Duty Mobile is a very high graphics game with the most famous PC modes and iconic maps. You can feel PC and console experience on your phone. It has also a trending Battle Royale 100 player mode. Basically, it's a full pack action game now available on mobile platforms.  
  1. I am moving on to the Optimizations department, Optimization is the process that is work on a device to device. If any game is not optimized for devcies then It will be a huge disaster for the developer. If game is optimized then users will have great experience to play that particular game. Call of Duty Mobile is greatly optimized for both iOS and Android. Optimization on iOS is very easy for developers because of Apple eco-system, In Android, It's too difficult because of lots of devices, But Activision did a great job in this department on both iOS Android.
  1. Graphics Quality is the most and very exciting part of any game. Call of Duty Mobile has a Great graphics quality with amazing high-quality texture. Call of  Duty Mobile has lots of guns with new skins and Guns looks like a real Gun. Battle Royale mode also has gorgeous graphics. You can finally say that Real PUBG Mobile Competitor arrives in the mobile market. I would say it is a better game from PUBG Mobile because Story Mode will be coming to CODM, So it's a Complete Mobile Game 
I am Trying CODM on iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and Galaxy M20. iPhone 7 & 8 Handle CODM very well with a very high graphics setting with all graphics options on. No Lags, No frame drops, and no heating issues on both iPhone 7 & 8. But in Galaxy M20, CODM running very badly on M20 with lots of lags and frame drops, yes I Know Galaxy M20 is midrange phone with a low graphics card and CODM Mobile or every high-quality game optimized for High-end Mobile. I embed all of Three videos below.

Call of Duty Mobile on iPhone 7

Call of Duty Mobile on iPhone 8

Call of Duty Mobile on Galaxy M20 

Now we finally come to the conclusion on CODM, Call of Duty Mobile is a great Mobile game. It's very well Optimized for High-end mobile, so if you can feel with full graphics use High-end smartphones. If 2018 was PUBG Mobile year than 2019 will definitely a Call of Duty Mobile year in Shooter Category. Activision takes lots of time to improve his game, Call of Duty Mobile beta begins last year in the month of December, but finally, the game is available for iOS Android.  

Download - Call of Duty Mobile iOS
Download - Call of Duty Mobile Android  

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