Fortnite Chapter 2 New Map 
Epic has rebooted Fortntie with an all-new Chapter 2, which introduces a brand-new map to explore. The new Map looks wilder and more untamed than its predecessor, with plenty of forests, mountains, and lakes to explore, but the much fewer city or urban locales.

Chapter 2 introduces new gameplay features, including fishing, swimming, and new vehicles to utilize like boats and... pogo sticks. There are also new multiplayer emotes that let you co-ordinate dances with friends. 

New weapons include a common variant of the rocket launcher and a brand-new semi-automatic pistol, and you are also able to better hide now, ducking in Haystacks or dumpsters.

Chapter 2 also has a new subscription battle pass that players can pay for to earn bonuses like character skins, the highlight of which is an adorable blue blob creature. The battle pass also works slightly different compared to past seasons. Progression has been changed so that you can earn experience from doing more things, including getting kills or even just opening chests. It costs 950 V-Bucks and you are able to earn an additional 1,500 from completing goals.

Source - The Verge 

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