PUBG PC Season 5 Update 

PUBG PC Season 5 update around the corner and It will add new weapons and Revamp Miramar Changes. The PC version PUBG is all set to enter season 5 with its 5.1 updates, which is now live on the game's test server, and it makes a range of big changes.
PUBG PC Season 5 Update Coming, Adds New Weapons, Miramar Changes and Many More

Season 5 will revamp Miramar. Developer PUBG Crop. is adding a racetrack to the map, as well as ramps, jumps, loops, and signboards. A Gold Mirado has also been added. Just one of these will spawn per match, and you can find it is at the garage in Hacienda del Patron. 

Miramar is getting another new feature called Vending Machine like Fortnite. a vending machine is available in selected places in PUBG PC, some of the areas are a gas station, motels, the casino, and commercial buildings.

New-season comes to a new Survivor Pass, Badlands. This one features a new assortment of rewards to unlock as you play PUBG and complete missions. 

You can now throw items to your teammates. if your teammates is requesting a healing item or ammo, you will see a prompt that allows you to throw the requested items to them. you can also throw all melee weapons at opponents. Melee weapons also now stack in your inventory, allowing you to carry more than one at a time.

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