GRID Autosport Multiplayer Beta 

GRID Autosport has entered its second Beta, around six months after private beta. Autosport has been out for some time on iOS devices, it has still yet to take the plunge on to Android.
GRID Autosport Multiplayer Beta Available

GRID Autosport Android Multiplayer Beta  

GRID Autosport is a console-quality racing game available on iOS, but still, Android user waits for it. GRID Autosport is the driving game for fans of realistic racing games. I am not sure how much content they will include in the beta, the iOS version of GRID Autosport has around 100 cars and 100 tracks. These cars include your day-to-day drives all the way up to your open-wheel race cars.

GRID Autosport is a high-end racing game so I would prefer if you want to apply for Beta then you have a High-end Android device to apply. 

Apply for Beta:- GRID Autosport Multiplayer Beta Android 

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