Call of Duty Mobile Best Game of the Year 

Hello Guys,  We are back again with another Amazing post and Today I have selected the best game of the year, I know 2019 is one of the best years of Mobile gaming. In 2019 I have living lots of sweet memory with mobile gaming, we have witnessed some Console-Quality game appearing in Mobile iOS Android. we all have experienced lots of Graphical games like Call of Duty Mobile, Oceanhorn 2, GRID Autosport for Android and lots of other games.
Call of Duty Mobile Best Shooter and Multiplayer game of 2019 

But I have selected Call of Duty mobile game of the year. Users will wait for it for a long time and Finally, it was available in Oct 2019 (Global Launch). Call of Duty Mobile has everything, it has graphics, customizations for mobile, various Multiplayer modes and most popular Battle Royale Mode. 

I have divided this post into 4 parts. 

  • Introduction 
  • Optimizations 
  • Graphics Quality 
  • Conclusion
INTRODUCTION:- Call of Duty Mobile has no need for introduction because it's a big brand name in PC and Console. In 2019 Call of Duty Mobile Enters into a Mobile division and it's already gained lots of success with lots of new records. 

Call of Duty Mobile has iconic PC locations and modes. It has all Modes like Multiplayer, Team deathmatch and etc. Call of Duty Mobile also has a most popular battle royale mode. 

Optimizations:-  Optimization is a very important part of any mobile game. If any game is not optimized for mobile then it will be the failure of the developer because the user wants smooth performance. 

Call of Duty Mobile is well optimized for both Android iOS. even midrange Android smartphone also perform well with CODM. performance on iOS is very smooth. Even My iPhone 7 performs CODM very smooth with the highest graphics settings without any issues.

Graphics Quality:- Call of Duty Mobile has Console-Quality graphics on mobile. You can also set a graphics setting into the medium. If you are the owner of the high-end smartphone then you will be happy with the performance of CODM because it's running on the highest graphics on your Mobile.  

Conclusion:- Now I am finally coming to the conclusion, last year I have to pick PUBG Mobile as the best mobile game of the year and Now this year 2019 my pick is another shooter game "Call of Duty mobile" because users like battle royale game on mobile that's why I picked another shooter game. Call of Duty Mobile also has a multiplayer mode with all other modes and you can also try new Zombie mode. 

Now time to end the topic, and I have picked Call of Duty Mobile as the best iOS Android game of 2019.  

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