Deer Hunter 2020 Soft Launched on iOS 

Deer Hunter 2020 is now soft-launched for iOS, It's available on the Philippines. You can download it from the Philippines App Store. 

Deer Hunter Soft Launched review(My Personal Opinion)
In my personal opinion, I don't like the game because of its graphics. It's old cartoonist graphics with lots of bugs, the game is badly optimized for iOS, I tested this game on iPhone 7. 

My iPhone 7 heats up when I play it on my device. Nowadays game graphics match up with the console, but I don't think this game has an insane graphics quality, it may be the game is soft-launched we see some changes when launched world-wide.  

Deer Hunter 2020 
Deer Hunter has been rebuilt from the ground up to give you a dynamic, authentic hunting experience. Team up with your friends and compete in daily events, collect and customize an immense catalog of guns and complete epic adventures in exotic locations around the world.

Deer Hunter 2020 Download 

Deer Hunter 2020 is soft-launched on iOS, the game is available on Phillippines. You can change your app store setting and download it on your iOS devices if you are not from Phillippines.

Download - Deer Hunter 2020 iOS Download 

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