GTA 4 Mobile Release Date 2020
Hello Guys, today we have now discussed GTA 4 Mobile and Rockstar Games. GTA 4 Mobile is the most anticipated topic in mobile gaming in 2019, 2018 and now it will also the most anticipating topic in 2020. Read this post very carefully and think why Rockstar games are not launching into iOS Android.

As the previous history, Rockstar games launching its PC and Console games on 10th Anniversary on mobile (iOS Android), but in the previous 2 3 years they don't launch any game in a mobile platform, they previously launched BULLY ANNIVERSARY EDITION on iOS Android in 2016. 

Now Question is What's Goings on With Rockstar Games??

They previously launched their title in 2016 that is Bully Anniversary Edition and as per routine their next title in 2017 is GTA 4, but it now has been 3-year Rockstar games not launched any game for iOS Android. 


One big reason is that because GTA 4 is using of RAGE Engine (Rocstar Advanced Gaming Engine) and previously Rockstar games that already available on mobile like GTA SAN, Bully Anniversary Edition is made up with RenderWare & Gamebryo

RAGE is a very Heavy Engine because it is based on real physics movement and you can see it on GTA 4 PC when character moves it looks like a real-life movement  So it's not to easy to port GTA 4 on Mobile and previously game like GTA SAN is made up RenderWare and Bully Anniversary with Gamebryo, so it is easy to port at that time on mobile so that why Rockstars Games brings its title to mobile on every 10th anniversary.

GTA 4 was not launched on its 10th anniversary on mobile, because mobile does not support RAGE like heavy engines and specially Android phones because android phones have many phones with many GPUs and CPUs, Android phones also have divided into lots of category like high-end, Mid-Range and budget phones.     

iOS has only had a high-end processor and GPU, but if Rockstar will port to GTA 4 only for iOS so that's not a profitable sign for Rockstar because of the majority of users playing games in Android phones. you can see it on below videos that GTA 4 running on iPad in BETA phase, the tester was testing it on iPad, I am not sure it's playing with the emulator or real controls but it looks real GTA controls. It is a 4-year-old video.  


So that is the reason behind why we can't see GTA 4 on mobile. I have no idea when its ported to Android and iOS, but I think user still wait for it 1 year means we have a chance to play GTA 4 in 2021, Tencent also brings Watch Dog 2 for mobile in 2021. 
                                      Time to end this topic this whole article I wrote on my studies about GTA 4 and RAGE Engine. if you any doubt about it then freely comment down below in the comment section. 


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