PUBG Mobile Season 11

PUBG Mobile Season 11 starting Tomorrow with brand new Royale Pass. Season 11 adds a brand new map to play called Town, which is exclusive to Arena Domination and a return of the original Warehouse map and more.
In terms of Season 11, there's brand new Royale Pass, as we already mentioned, and a brand new futuristic theme. Expect lots of metal armor, trench coats, and neon.

What's New Season 11:-

  • Royale Pass Season 11: Operation Tomorrow more new missions and new rewards  
  • High-Quality futuristic outfits to wow everyone 
  • New Arena Map - Town 
  • A new expansive map with a large terrain variety 
  • new immersive experience 
  • New Mode - Domination 
  • lots more items.
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