PUBG Mobile New Map "KARAKIN" Coming Soon 

It seems like new map is coming very soon on PUBG and PUBG Mobile. The new map looks like MIRAMAR and the name is KARAKIN. The  KARAKIN is the 5th map to be included in the game. The map looks similar to Miramar in many ways.

The map Karakin located in North Africa or the Middle East. It is a desert map that comes with at least one village on top of a mountain. There will be caverns as well which were already teased in the images released. This new map, even smaller than Sanhok map, according to the leaks this map might 2*2 in size which would make it rather small. It would apparently come with a mechanic called 'Black Zone' which would destroy buildings with mortar.

The leaks also suggest that this New karakin map replaced the Vikendi map in the game. There is no release information on the KARAKIN map yet, but it seems like it might hit the test servers soon. When KARAKIN is coming to PC, it will also be coming very soon on PUBG Mobile.   

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