Call of Duty Mobile Teases New Map Called "CAGE" 

Call of Duty mobile is preparing for Season 4, the company has just added a pop up in the game screen and sharing details about the upcoming season. As per the teaser, the company plans to highlight 4 different features of the game until the launch of March 1. The new map coming for a multiplayer mode called CAGE. It's a map designed for close combat.


The game developer highlighted that CAGE is the first original map for the mobile version of the game. The map resembles a construction site with cranes and half-built structures. CAGE match is mirrored and ideal for fast-paced gameplay.

Season 4 ITEMS 

The leaked items include new operator abilities, weapons, and character skins. Upcoming weapons include Man-0-War assault rifle, RM 262 shotgun, Dredge LMG, ICR Grenade launcher for Assault Rifle, and the 870 MCS Shotgun.


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