Steve Jobs - Change the Gaming Industry  Massively 

Today is the 65th birthday of Steve Jobs and we wish him on his birthday with talking about how Steve Jobs Change the Gaming world and influences Mobile gaming or portable Gaming because Mobile gaming is now the largest gaming Segment outplayed the console gaming.

Start of Steve Jobs Career 

Today I Want to share one story about Steve Jobs, actually, Steve Jobs started his career after quitting college by working as a jr. The technician at Atari. In Mid '70sAtari were a big gaming console developer and a manufacturer and Jobs talks about the owner to give him personal own project and Boss trust Steve, and give him project and deal is fixed with $5000. Steve Jobs took the responsibility and make a colorful game with the help of Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs gave $350 to Steve Wozniak. 

His greatest contribution though came with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. Though none of us anticipate the impact it would have at the time, it has changed an entire industry and brought interactively entertainment into the hands of people who were previously indifferent or intimidated by anything other than Minesweeper or chess on their PC.

The Big Game coming on iPhone was Angry Birds, Angry Birds were the most popular game on that time. The bird-flinging physics puzzler would never have become the ubiquitous experience that it has become today without its start on iOS.

Current Gaming Situation on iPhones 

If we talk about the current situation on iPhone gaming, Apple does not need a Gaming phone because the hardware of Apple iPhone are most powerful and handles all games very smoothly. Steve Jobs and apple always focus on performance, so gaming is not an issue on Apple products.

One thing you should also see on Apple products, some of the major game launches always coming first on iPhones and iPad, because of iOS Optimizations.

So That's it guys,  I am very happy to share story and contribution to video games of Steve Jobs.  I wish Steve Jobs was very happy when he sawed Apple today. 


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