Top 5 Games for iPhone 8

Hello Guys, Hope you all are safe at your home, Stay home because we all are fighting against COVID19. Today I am coming with the post of Top 5 Games for your iPhone 8 & 8+. 

we all know iPhone 8 one of the most famous and powerful iPhones from Apple, even in 2020 iPhone 8  beats lots of android Flagship smartphones like S10, S9 and Oneplus 7. You can expect a smooth performance from iPhone 8 in 2020.

TOP 5 Best Games| iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+  

PUBG Mobile:- PUBG Mobile is always on my list because PUBG mobile is an all-time great game for mobile, that's why I have chosen it for iPhone 8. PUBG Mobile is the Most popular Battle royale game from PC that is converted into mobile and the rest is history.

Into the Dead 2:- 2nd game for iPhone 8 is Into the Dead 2, it is a zombie survival game with high-quality graphics. It contains lots of weapons and chapters. you can easily play into the 2 on your iPhone 8 on Highest graphics setting. 

Gangster New Orleans:- Gangster new Orleans comes on 3rd in my list and I have chosen that because it is an Open world Action-Adventure game like GTA. It is the last open-world game like GTA that was launched in 2017. 

Free Fire:- Free Fire is PUBG Mobile like a game with beautiful graphics, It also has Battle royale mode and recently Free Fire gets an amazing update, so you can also try it on your iPhone 8. 

Asphalt 9:- Asphalt 9 is the only racing game I have to choose for iPhone 8 because it's a free game and also amazing game with high-quality tracks and physics 

There are all 5 games I have chooses for iPhone 8. Even there are lots of games for iPhone 8 like COD Mobile, GRID Autosport, etc. but I am not including all of these, you can also try those games. These 5 games are easily available and all are free games, so you have no need to spend money.  

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