PUBG Mobile you should Play during at Home due to CORONAVIRUS Outbreaks 

Today the world faces a major problem, the whole world like going into Cage due to CORONAVIRUS. Lots of country Lokedwon because of  VIRUS. We all try to fight against CORONA  to follow the government rules. I am from India and Today our PM Shree Narendra Modi appeal to all people to follow the JANTA CURFEW to break the chain of  CORONA VIRUS. 

Whole country lockdown today to follow the JANTA CURFEW and It is a great step by our PM. 

But one question is what should you do a whole day in Home and especially young people like me age around 25 to 30, so that's why I write down the post what you do now. 

It is very simple, lots of things you should do during the JANTA CURFEW like spend time with family, playing board games like chess and Ludo, spend some time with social media. But I am talking about full-time pass things that are Mobile games. 

You should play games for lots of games on the whole day, but I would suggest you play PUBG Mobile because PUBG Mobile is fully time pass game you can play PUBG Mobile today for a whole day and no one can stop you even your parents not stop you. But please don't go outside from home to support JANTA CURFEW. 

If we fight together from CORONAVIRUS then I am sure we all definitely win. Please, guys, Don't go outside from your home and Break the Chain of VIRUS.         


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