Best Games For Apple iPhone XR 
Best Games For Apple iPhone XR in 2020
Hello Guys, Hope you guys you all are safe and inside your home, we all are fighting against COVID-19, So Stay Home, Stay Safe. 

Today I come with Post of Games you should try on iPhone XR in 2020. iPhone XR world's most selling smartphone in the world since its launch. 

iPhone XR is one of the most powerful phones among all smartphones available in the market. iPhone XR handles all major games with ease, so here I am talking about which games you should try on iPhone XR in 2020.  

iPhone XR comes with A12 Bionic Chip with Custom Made Apple GPU. So you don't worry about performances and not worried about battery life, iPhone XR has a good battery life. 

I am here to give you the list of the games you should play on iPhone XR, so I am not describing game details, you can download all these games simply from the app store, some games are paid and some are free. so let's start  

  1. Bully Anniversary Edition 
  2. PUBG Mobile 
  3. COD Mobile 
  4. Free Fire 
  5. GTA San Andreas 
  6. Gangster New Orleans 
  7. NBA 2K20
  8. Max the Curse of Brotherhood 
  9. Submerge 
  10. PlayDead Inside 
  11. Asphalt 9 
  12. GRID Autosport 
  13. Pascal's Wager 
  14. PES 2020 
  15. Into the Dead 2 
  16. Assassin's Creed Identity 
  17. Oceanhorn 2 Lost of realm
  18. Oddmar(Definitely Try these)
  19. Sky: Children of the Light 
  20. Pavilion Touch Edition
These all games are best in my personal opinion, you should try on iPhone XR and all games are available on App Store, you can simply try all these games or purchased it (if paid).

So now time to end the topic, hope you all are safe and all the best for the future, I am back with another post in a few days. you can comment on which types of posts you must happy to read, so I will try on that and comment on which game you want to play on your iPhones. 

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