Top Best Games For your iPhone 12 and 12 Mini 

Hello everyone,  in this post we can find which is the best game for your new iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. Finally, Apple Introduce the most awaited iPhone 12 series in the market. 

Whole iPhone 12 series packed with the most powerful A14 Bionic Chip in smartphone history. you can play some Console quality games on your iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. In this Topic, we are discussing which game you should try on the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. 

1. PUBG Mobile:- 

iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Best Games you should Try 

First game I am interested to play is PUBG Mobile if I am an iPhone 12 or 12  mini user. PUBG Mobile is one of the best games in mobile history. PUBG Mobile is the most popular Battle Royale game on mobile but its graphics quality looks like a Console or PC. Get it PUBG Mobile for iOS.

2. Asphalt 9:- 

 If you want to play some racing game on your phone then Asphalt 9 will be the first option to choose for your device in my opinion. It's a racing game but it's a class game for your phone, its an unmatched racing game on mobile, no one is closer to Asphalt 9 in terms of graphics quality. Get Asphalt 9  for your iPhone 12 and Mini 

3.Call of Duty Mobile:- 

Call of Duty one of the best game for me, it has everything, It's quality looks amazing, it has Multiplayer mode, also has a BR Mode,  so this game fulfills your wish in every department. It's a beautiful console-quality game for your new iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. Get it COD Mobile on iOS

4.The Pathless:- 

The Pathless one of the best 2020 games for iOS and Console, you can try The Pathless only on iOS with an Apple arcade subscription. It's a huge game in terms of graphics and size. This is the game I personally waited for a long time. 

The game was also available on PS4 and PS5. it has 5.5 GB on iOS. So you can try these beautiful Action Open world games on your New iOS devices like iPhone 12 and 12 Mini.   Get it The Pathless on iOS.

5. Samurai Jack Battle through Time:- 

This is also a part of Apple arcade service, it's also a big game in terms of size. It's a fun game, it's a story adventure game for your iPhones. you can try on your iPhones 12 and 12 Mini. Get Samurai Jack on your iPhones.  

6.Grid Autosport:- 

One of the best Graphics intensive games on Mobile right now, purely a console game on mobile, Asphalt 9, and GIRD Autosport one of the best racing on Mobile available right now. it's a Purely best game, Asphalt 9 and GRID Autosport best games but both are different in terms of gameplay. Get it GRID Autosport for iOS.

7.Bully Anniversary Edition:- 

Bully Anniversary Edition also available on your phone if you want open-world games, it's an old game but it has decent graphics quality with lots of fun missions. One of the best rockstar game available on Mobile. Get it Bully Anniversary Edition on iOS.

one thing you should be worried about on iPhone 12 Mini that is battery because iPhone 12 mini only have 2287mAh battery that is the problem on that because all above game is graphics-intensive games and they all consume a high amount of battery when you play at high frame rates and high graphics quality.

The above are the best games in terms of graphics quality and gameplay. There are lots of games to play on your iPhone 12 and 12 Mini but these are my personal favorite games that I would suggest you play. If I am missing some best games then you would like to inform me in the comment section, hope you would enjoy the post.


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