Unruly Heroes Coming to iOS Android 

Developer Magic Design Studios celebrated the two-year anniversary of launching their debut title Unruly Heroes on Consoles and PC, a game that was inspired by the Chinese literary classic Journey to West. 

The game has four Main Heroes with different heroes each with unique abilities that you can switch between on the fly in order to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and progress through the game. while Unruly Heroes was pretty well-received from a mechanical standpoint for being a good platformer, The game has a stunning visuals style. 

You can see the below Trailer of Unruly Heroes. Magic Design Studios has announced that unruly Heroes will also be arriving on iOS and Android devices next month. Due to its emphasis on four playable characters one of the big features of the game on Console and PC was online multiplayer, and while it sounds like that won't make it into the mobile release initially the developers do hope to add it in via a future update. Unruly Heroes Mobile also supports Controller. 

Unruly Heroes will be launching on iOS Android on March 18th at a price of $1.99. 

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