iPhone SE 2020 Gaming review | Battery Drain, Heating Issue, and Performance.

Hello guys, hope you all are well and safe in your home, Today I am reaching out to all of you with the amazing post. Today I am sharing my opinion on iPhone SE 2020, is the iPhone SE is best for gaming in 2021.

iPhone SE 2020 Gaming Review 2021

Last year iPhone SE 2020 was launched by Apple, and it will be a super hot phone under budget price point. Now the question is iPhone SE 2020 is best for Gaming in 2021 or Not?? So we are finding out some doubtful questions. let's find out below:


iPhone SE 2020 packed with an A13 Bionic Chip that is very powerful in terms of CPU and GPU, this same process is available on iPhone 11 series. 

                      So performance-wise you don't have any issue with iPhone SE, you will run every high graphics or ultra graphics game without any frame drops and heating issues.   

I played lots of games on my iPhone SE like COD Mobile, Mortal Kombat X, Oceanhorn 2, and many More, These all are high graphics games available on the App store, with no issues with any of the above games. I embed my iPhone SE gaming Playlist in the above area, you will see all of these games on that.

Battery Drain:- 

The battery is one of the most common concerns in the iPhone Se 2020. Because Apple only put 1800mah battery on iPhone SE. 

Yes, the battery is the concern in iPhone SE if you played high graphics games on it like COD Mobile, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, etc.  Yes, the phone supports fast charging but high graphics games consume lots of power, and 1800 mah battery not suitable for those games.

If you play hours of gaming then this phone is not for you guys, if you want to play games Ultra setting in iPhone SE 2020, the battery should be a concern. 

That's my review of the iPhone SE 2020, you will clear after reading this article, iPhone Se is good or bad for gaming. Yes, the battery should be a concern but performance wise no issues you can go for it if performance is your preference. 

I think in my opinion you should not go for iPhone Se 2020, you can also choose iPhone XR and iPhone 11, so these my personal opinion, I am purchased iPhone SE is for the small form factor. I played lots of games on the iPhone SE 2020, you can watch it on my youtube channel and above embed video. 


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