iPhone SE 2020 PUBG New STATE Review 

iPhone SE 2020 is the most powerful gaming phone according to it’s price. I tested PUBG New State on iPhone SE 2020, so according to my review I have talking about battery, graphics and performance. How iPhone SE 2020 perform PUBG NEW STATE. So let’s Begin….

You can see my PUBG New State iPhone SE 2020 on my YouTube Channel, I embedded below 

1. Performance:- iPhone Se 2020 handle PUBG New State very easily,  No issues on performance with even high(ULTRA) graphics. Game running very smooth without even lagging and heating issues. So according to performance wise game running very smooth, no issues on that area. 

2. Battery:- Battery was always a concern for iPhone SE 2020, because it only has 1800 mah battery and this time it is a very big concern. 

PUBG New state consume lots of battery when you play it high graphics with higher FPS. If you are heavy gamer than this phone is not for you because if you play PUBG New State on your iPhone SE 2020 than it’s not for you, you can chooose iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 instead iPhone SE 2020.  

3. Water Graphics:- In iPhone SE 2020 every graphics details will show on your small screen size and you can enjoy every graphics setting, so graphics wise phone is best but one major issues is battery, if you play it on high graphics, it consume battery very fast. 

This is my review of iPhone SE 2020, if you are looking for small and compact phone with powerful chipset and GPU, than this phone is for you. If you are not heavy gamer. 


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